The Insulated Panel Council Australasia Ltd (IPCA) is the Industry Body for all manufacturers, installers and distributors of Insulated Sandwich Panel products.


*Board appointed by nomination and members elected from above group representatives

The Panel Manufacturers Group originally formed in 2007 a sector of PACIA's Expanded Polystyrene Australia (EPSA Inc), incorporated in it's own right the Insulated Panel Council of Australasia Ltd. ACN 152 384 659 (IPCA Ltd.), and is a not for profit industry association.

This move to represent the wider interests of its members, who produce, supply and install a complete range of Insulated Panel types, has been with the blessing of the groups from which the Insulated Panel Council has grown and developed over a decade or more, with co-operation dating as far back as 2002.

Close alliances with EPSA Inc, PACIA and Plastics New Zealand have been maintained and further developed through a focus on the excellent environmental credentials of Insulated Panel, at a time when everyone is searching for solutions to reduce emissions and energy consumption.

It is important that this progression enables better use of resources, complimenting efforts in each of the focused areas and maximising expertise within the associated Groups.

The roll out of the industry "Code of Practice" (the CODE), which at the suggestion of AFAC Built Environment Committee should apply equally to all Panel types, was a further incentive for this transition. The CODE roll out remains a priority for the Panel Industry, and the members for the foreseeable future.

IPCA’s Good News Story of the unrivalled impact that Building Insulation can have on reducing energy consumption and emissions, and the added efficiency enabled by its application in “Air Tight Insulated Building Panel Systems”, ensures a very bright future for the safe application being easily achievable for  Insulated Panel Products, in a much wider variety of building types than in the past.

Some criticism is levelled at "Light Weight" systems but few if any traditional systems deliver all of the benefits of ISP.

The benefits of Insulated Panel products are well known and appreciated within the demanding Food and Cold Storage Industries. A future growth market for Insulated Panel Products clearly lies in the General Building Industry, including Commercial, Industrial and Residential construction.

Acceptance is increasing for new building methods such as Insulated Panel Systems, which are economical and environmentally friendly and are essential for Australia to maintain its high standards of living.

IPCA Ltd. aims to grow the market by responsible use of Insulated Panel products in a variety of applications.

The direction, management, functioning and objectives of IPCA Ltd. remain unchanged from those with which the Panel Manufacturers Group operated. There are two main differences. Firstly, IPCA Ltd. will promote the expansion of the Insulated Panel Product range. Secondly, following recent consultation with Plastics New Zealand, IPCA Ltd. supports the roll out of the CODE within New Zealand’s Insulated Panel Industry.


Stephen Clarke President/Chairman IPCA Ltd Group Managing Director/CEO ASKIN
Geoff Marsdon Vice President IPCA Ltd and General Manager Bondor Australia/Metecno
Shannon Porter Director IPCA Ltd and Managing Director Retracom Group
Frances Charles Director IPCA Ltd Sales and Marketing Manager Metalcraft Group NZ 
Stephen Clarke Director IPCA Ltd Group Managing Director/CEO ASKIN
Maxwell Burns Director IPCA Ltd Director SBP Australia

Allen Mitchell Chief Executive Officer 
Joanne Anderson Administration & Events Coordinator



Certification Icons




IPCA Certified Products are products produced by members of the Insulated Panel Council Australasia Ltd (IPCA Ltd.). Products have been tested in accordance with relevant Australian Standards.


The Certification Scheme associated with the CODE that inspects and approves completed EPS-FR Panel System installations and associated paperwork.


Mark developed by IPCA Ltd. and licensed to Code Compliant Companies to use for labelling Code Compliant EPS-FR Panel System Structures.



Adopt and apply best practice sustainability principles by ensuring environmental, social and economic parameters are considered in an integrated way in product and service delivery.



Thermally efficient, non-sagging, non-bulging, air tight insulation materials. Recyclable steel, aluminium and expanded polystyrene components. Zero Ozone depleting substance.



Manufactured with a (FR Grade), fire retardant (treated), Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) core complying with AS 1366.3 (1992) and satisfying BCA requirements for combustible materials. Group 1 or FM4880 Class 1 Materials.



The pre-painted steel skins of our off-white Panels are manufactured with a Microban® anti-bacterial paint technology. This product is HACCP endorsed. This product is produced by our sponsor Bluescope Steel.